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Gen Z is now the most ethnically and racially diverse generation in history.

Deloitte, 2019


The new Generation believes in being treated as equals and not as subordinates.

Journal du Net, 2018


71% of LGBTQ consumers say they are more keen to interact with an online ad when it represents their sexual orientation in an authentic manner.

Google, Aug 2019


Calvin Klein, Fenty, Asos, Princesse Tam Tam, Etam, Zalando, Levi’s, Monkey are among the brands that now include models from all body shapes., 13 nov 2019


Our need to reinforce our immunity and take care of the planet pushes us in finding alternatives to meat & eating more local ingredients.

Wunderman Thompson, 2020


Compared with other generations, Gen Z is least likely to report very good or excellent mental health, only 45%, mainly due to passive social media interactions.

APA, 2018



France is the European country counting the biggest number of companies with the European Ecolabel, 2015


Digital activities above physical waste have a significant impact on climate change as their volume accounts for 2% of global electricity consumption and 8% by 2030.

Bloomberg, 2021


Big brands from Gucci to Uniqlo are going circular as wallets slimmer in global recession, not only for sustainability concerns but as a way to police knock-offs.

Wunderman Thompson, 2021

The second-hand clothing market is forecast to grow from $28 billion today to $64 billion in 2024.

Thredup, 2020


The worldwide value of vegan cosmetics will reach $20.8 B in 2025 vs. $12.9B in 2017., May 2018


35% of online shoppers are tempted to buy reconditioned/recycled products., 2019


Interactions with animals lowers the level of cortisol in humans, the stress hormone.